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Mr. Sergio Sargiani and his sister Mrs. Patrizia Current Managing Directors


We’re an engineering company world leader in the sector of machine and system manufacturing for the production of metal packing.

The range of products of Sargiani srl includes machineries and systems for the production of metal boxes of different shapes having a capacity from 0,5 to 220 litres.

Having developed our ideas and improved them through researches and tests, having established a profitable relationship with the Final Users too, we are now able to offer an extremely technologically-advanced product, whose main features are: flexibility, operation speed and maintenance of the features over the years.

Our success has to be found both in the high quality of the machines and in the efficiency and dynamism of the company, that knows how to acknowledge market needs and put them into practice. A particular attention, during the production cycle, is turned to the reduction of “dead times”, to total machine automation and to the electronic devices of the “last generation” machines.

On that purpose we “created” a special department that works on technological innovations, focused on research, use and development of the electronic last generation equipments, always updated.

The company is using considerable human and financial resources in order to satisfy the new needs of customers and markets. For this reason, the brands of the main components, installed on the machines, are easily findable and known all over the world and specific for customers’ needs.

Besides, our company always follows a “policy of total independence” from third parties, that is it is able to manage all the production cycle, from the plan to the final packing. Sargiani srl plans, draws, manufactures and assembles all its machineries.

Software and Hardware are studied and produced in order to strictly control the production.

For completing the picture of seriousness and efficiency, Sargiani srl grants a tested service of complete after-sale assistance and a support for obtaining the type-testing in any Country, thanks to a staff composed of extremely specialised technicians.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers and serve them in the best way possible.


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